About Us

Instructor's Mission Statement

My goals for this class are aligned with the mission of the Moo Duk Kwan.  They are to share the skills of taekwondo along with the virtues that I have learned from my martial arts training. Taekwondo promotes good attitudes, healthy habits, and the making of responsible decisions. Martial arts can guide people to success in every aspect of their life, but it is up to you to apply it. As a teacher, I am only a person who opens doors. As a student, you to make this martial art what you want it to be. The doors are open to everyone. 

Please keep in mind that your instructor is not seeking monetary profit.  My personal motives include witnessing students grow as they learn taekwondo -- and continue to grow as they share the skills of taekwondo and go on to become strong leaders. From a wider perspective, as a member of OTKD, your positive commitment to “building a more peaceful world” will inherently build a stronger community. Coming full circle, as we are all connected in the community, that is my primary motive for investing my time in this class. 

If at any time you decide to stop training with us, please continue to uphold the positive virtues practiced at Omro Tae Kwon Do. 

President Master Shannon Davis-Foust

I am a 5th dan founder of OTKD.  As a practitioner of taekwondo since childhood, I believe that martial arts training should be affordable for everyone. 

Vice President Master Dennis Frey

Secretary Mrs. Tiffany Allard

I am a Second Degree Black Belt. I have been in Tae Kwon Do for 6 years. I am in it to stay healthy, fit, and have fun. OTKD is like my second family

Treasurer Mr. Manon Allard

I just want to stay fit and have fun!